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Dana and Prashant’s Waterside Restaurant wedding was an American followup to their wedding ceremony they had in India. We were honored to be called upon to photograph their wedding celebration since Pak and Prashant are very good friends from their high school days. We started off at the house where Dana was getting ready and right off the bat, we were able to pull off a stunning backlit hair spray photo.

After Dana was ready, it was time to head over to the catering hall for a splendid outdoor ceremony.  We had been coordinating a few days prior to the wedding anticipating a downpour that day but as luck would have it, the rain held off for Dana and Prashant so that they could have their outdoor wedding as planned.  The ceremony was officiated by Prashant’s close friend David who also went to high school with Pak.

After the ceremony, it was party time!  As photographers, we always love it when the couple dances so much as Dana and Prashant during their party!

Dana and Prashant, it was truly an honor to photograph your wedding.  It was also a pleasure getting to know both of your families and to witness all the genuine joy, humor, and closeness.  We wish both of you the best.

Your “muscular” photographers (inside joke) –

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