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Jenn and Joe: She Said Yes! (Hoboken Proposal)

What an awesome way to start our wedding season! We met Joe years ago when he was a groomsman at Lauren and Michael’s Wedding so we were thrilled to hear he planned to propose to Jenn! Few things beat a touching Hoboken proposal, especially on a beautiful spring day like we had this past weekend.

We were camped out at Pier A Park, right on the Hudson River, waiting for Jenn and Joe to make their way over. Joe told Jenn they were meeting friends for lunch nearby and you’ll see from her reactions that she was caught totally off-guard! On to the photos!

Total and absolute shock! Jenn reacted with an eruption of joy and disbelief, which makes for some awesome photos!

Surprise! We’re here too! Thankfully there were tons of other photographers in the area to give us even better cover!

After the big moment, we spent some time with the newly engaged couple walking along the waterfront and taking some portraits.

What Jenn and Joe didn’t know was that we were also filming as Joe proposed and we’ve put together a little video fusion slideshow of the afternoon!

Congratulations, Jenn and Joe! We’re so happy for the two of you and were honored to be there to document your big moment!