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Family Portrait Session: Jeanne, Alex, and Julianna

It’s always an honor and pleasure when we are able to photograph all the major moments for a client. For Jeanne and Alex, we had photographed their engagement, their wedding, and their beautiful daughter Julianna’s baptism. Now that Julianna is approaching 2 (how did the time go by so fast!), they contacted us to do a family portrait session.

Prior to the session, we coordinated with Jeanne and Alex to isolate a good spot in their house to have the photo session. We discussed whether the spot worked best with or without a backdrop and they opted not to use one. We happily setup an on-location studio at their home since we get to bust out some serious lighting gear which we don’t always get to use at weddings. For this particular shoot, we used a large reflector, a pair of strobes for the background, and another pair of strobes with umbrellas for the family.


We have photographed many children over the years and they are all very different in how they respond to the photographer. It is extremely important to establish a connection and to have the child feel comfortable. Before any part of the studio was even set up, Pak spent some time goofing around with Julianna and getting her to laugh at his silly impersonations. Once this connection was established, we found that Julianna was extremely easy to photograph and to keep smiling and laughing throughout the entire session.

Jeanne and Alex, thanks again for asking us to make wonderful photographs for you. You both really hit a home run when you had Julianna. She is so well-behaved and so easy to photograph! This was an extremely fun session and we suspect you both enjoyed the show Pak put on to make Julianna laugh (the robot moves are not just for kids!). We look forward to the next photo session (Pak is preparing new impersonations as we speak).

Your life long photographers,

– Stellar Year Photography