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Our first event of 2012 was this awesome engagement celebration for Anita and Sevag, a couple from New Jersey.  Anita’s father, a colleague of ours, asked us to document their big engagement party and we were honored to accept.  Everybody gathered at Sayat Nova Restaurant in Hackensack, NJ on a cold February afternoon.  The joyous occasion was full of music, food, laughter, food, dancing, and food.  Both families are Armenian and they welcomed us with open arms.  We were fed like kings and both felt like we’d known these people our whole lives.  It relaxed us and our subjects and yielded some truly extraordinary images.

We started with some formal images of the happy couple.  We brought our portable studio and put two speedlites in a softbox off to camera-right.  The softbox lit the couple and the wall behind, providing flattering (but dramatic) light.

Time to get creative with that softbox!!

We made sure we took shots of the details Anita and Sevag had worked so hard to perfect.  And her ring is gorgeous!

There was a traditional ring blessing ceremony.  The entirety was conducted by a family member in Armenian and was a very nice touch.

Anita was showered with jewelry after the ring ceremony.  Crazy amounts of bling!  A necklace with a cross pendant, a gold bracelet, a pearl necklace, and a pearl bracelet!

Halfway through their celebration, we pulled Anita and Sevag aside for an intimate series of images in an isolated corridor.  We were aiming for a slightly more sensual feel and they were more than happy to play along.  Thanks for being such great sports, guys!

Both Anita and Sevag wanted shots with their closest friends.

And then it was time for everyone to hit the dance floor!  The mix of Armenian music and modern pop was awesome.

Anita and Sevag gave very heart-felt speeches thanking their family and friends for their love and support in their relationship.

The night concluded with the cutting of the beautiful cake.

We end with this image.  We don’t think Anita and Sevag knew we were shooting, and this little moment of intimacy between the two in the midst of the crazy celebration is the best sign you’ll get of how close these two are.

For those who want to see more of Anita and Sevag’s event, we’ll have a slideshow up very, very soon.

Congratulations, Anita and Sevag!  We’re sure November 17 can’t come soon enough.  We know you’ll have a long, happy, fantastic life together!

Shnorehagal em!

– Antonis and Pak

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