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There are some couples whose devotion to one another oozes out of them when they’re together.  Sarah and Nick are one of those couples – a pair of people so completely dedicated to their relationship that selflessness reigns supreme.  Nick is best friends with Antonis’ girlfriend, and they and Sarah had gone to high school together.  That connection and life-long friendship (even though it only developed into a romantic one recently) makes for a level of comfort and familiarity between Nick and Sarah that allows them to be completely in tune with one another.  It’s fantastic to witness when spending a day with them.

We love couples who choose a location that either has meaning to them or is a favorite spot.  Cleopatra’s Needle, behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is the background on Nick’s phone.  When we were discussing locations and Central Park came up, he immediately picked it.  Not only did the location’s name offer a day of hilarious innuendo, but the obelisk is right in the middle of several blooming trees and is adjacent to the baseball fields in the middle of the park which offer a nice juxtaposition of the huge park and the imposing city skyline.

Without further ado, on to the images of the happy couple!  We, obviously, started the day at the obelisk (and may or may not have climbed past the ropes preventing anyone from touching it…).  It was chilly to start out, so we let Sarah keep her jacket on initially.

The way they hold each other…

…is outdone only by the way they look at each other.  Pak’s angle on the left, Antonis’ angle on the right.

The benches in Central Park are a favorite prop of ours.

Pak’s angle on the left, Antonis’ angle on the right.  Sarah dropped the jacket and rocked the little black dress.  Gorgeous!

Again, check out the way they look at each other.  Their eyes tell the whole story.

A standard shot on the left, and a creative one on the right done with a remotely-fired, off-camera strobe, shooting through cherry blossom leaves.

The ease with which Nick makes Sarah laugh is incredible.

Cherry blossoms in peak bloom and a couple in love and comfortable in front of the camera.  You can’t ask for anything more.

Rocking the bling.

Oh, look!  A magnolia in full bloom.  Cherry blossom: ousted by pink!

A change to less formal wear for Sarah and the blues complement the grass and magnolia perfectly.  Couples, take note: willingness to sit on the ground is a huge point in your favor!  The creative boundaries know no limits!

The magnolia gave a gorgeous warm pink tone to our images.  Sarah’s bling (and awesome nail polish) on the right.

The lawn, with baseball and cityscape in the background.  And don’t you just love Sarah’s hair blowing in the wind?

Using long lenses to give the couple some space to be themselves.  Again, done with an off-camera strobe at camera-left.

Antonis’ angle of Nick playing Photographer’s Assistant on the left, with the resulting shot on the right.

When we asked Nick and Sarah if they had any silly shots in mind, this immediately came up.  They use “rocks-paper-scissors” to make many decisions, so this combination of inside joke and bling was logical.  Antonis’ view first, then Pak’s angle below.

That’s all for our day with Nick and Sarah.  An awesome shoot with a fantastic couple and a great location.  Nick and Sarah, you guys are a pleasure to work with.  We can’t wait to spend your big day with you next year!!

– Pak and Antonis