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Behind the Scenes: Custom Wedding Slideshows

We are very excited to announce a major change and significant improvement in the slideshows that we offer our clients.  We have always created professional and polished slideshows set to music for our clients’ event websites so that they can showcase their beautiful photos to their friends and family.  The slideshows, however, were Flash-based and, while they were wonderful, were very limited in that they could only be viewed on the website at a small resolution.  Being Flash-based also meant the shows could not display on iPhones or other iOS devices.

The new slideshows for the websites will now be viewable on a variety of web browsers as well as on the iPhone and all other mobile devices.  The aspect ratio will now be 16:9 (standard widescreen aspect ratio).  In addition to the website slideshows (which are included at no charge in the free event websites), we now also offer, as a package upgrade option, a hi-definition version which can be displayed on a HDTV at 1080p resolution (if your HDTV has the ability to read and play movies from a USB thumb drive or if you have a BluRay player).  Imagine watching the wonderful slideshows on mindblowing 1080p resolution on your large HDTV!  The images are truly stunning and eye-popping.  Below is an image of the slideshow on a 54″ HDTV.

Besides HDTV’s, the slideshow movies can also be played on any computer.  Below is an image of the slideshow playing on a 30″ computer monitor.

For optimal slideshow viewing, we do recommend that viewers have the latest Quicktime Plugin installed on their computers.  If viewing from a smart phone, we recommend using the Google Chrome web browser for Android based smart phones and Safari or Chrome for iPhones.

Feel free to inquire further about this additional service!  We will be happy to send you a sample to review while we are discussing wedding packages.  We are sure your jaw will drop the first time you see your beautiful slideshow set to music displays at high definition.

– Antonis and Pak