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As our business grows, we are always aiming to improve our products and services.  We want our customers to know that we offer custom wedding album design.  Our Premium albums are top-of-the-line in both quality and weight (man, oh man, are they heavy!) and are made by Leather Craftsmen.

Our Leather Craftsmen studio samples arrived last month and we were totally blown away.  Their products are full of top-notch quality touches in all aspects – even the boxes!  Our studio logo is stamped onto the boxes along with the Leather Craftsmen logo.

The photos below show off our 12”x12” master album with gold edge gilding as well as a 8”x8” companion (or “parent”) album with silver edge gilding.  You can engrave words on both the cover and the spine.

The main album is bound with Euro Leather, while the smaller companion album is bound with the “Roma” cover material.  All of the pages are rigid with images printed on high-quality photo paper in both the master and companion albums.  



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We’d love to discuss our album designs with you and meet in person so you can get a hands-on look at what we offer!

– Stellar Year Photography