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Last month, we had the pleasure to photograph Tricia and Lou’s wonderfully personal and intimate wedding which took place in their beautiful home in Suffern, NY.  It was a real joy for us to be able to photograph such a meaningful and touching event…one where the couple could enjoy the wedding with every guest and really celebrate.  This was also the first wedding at which our new assistant, Erica, got her feet wet.  She couldn’t have done a better job!
We began our day by photographing detail shots for the couple and then proceeded to document their preparations.  While we were shooting, we got to meet the couple’s wonderful families and got to know everyone involved since it was such an intimate celebration.  Tricia’s father Mario, proudly showed off the photo he had of Andrew Cuomo on his cell phone and talked with us about the Tappan Zee Bridge project (we’re all full time engineers).  A very well-traveled Chris talked with us about his photography and his favorite black-and-white conversion software, Nik Effects.  Lou’s good friend Phil, an ordained minister and the officiant for their wedding, played the guitar and chatted with the guys all day.  We had so much fun bonding with all of the family members.

Tricia told us she “doesn’t do makeup” (and then totally rocked it when it was all done).

Tricia’s mother, Kristine, was attentive to every detail, making sure her daughter’s wedding was perfect.

Lou got a heartwarming text from his good friend to offer congratulations during the groom prep and reminisced about Red Dog beers while he got ready.

Three-year-old Americo’s reaction when Pak pretended he was being zapped when they met and shook hands was adorable.  We weren’t sure how he would react in front of the camera, but he smiled for us all day.  He and Joey were both incredibly well-behaved.

Americo lived with his grandparents for a while.  The bond between he and Mario is powerful and heartwarming.

Love (and laughter) were everywhere all day from the guests and, especially, the happy couple.

This may be one of the most warm and fuzzy weddings we have ever photographed.  We were incredibly happy to be able to work with such a lovely couple so obviously made for each other.  It was also a pleasure to have a couple so willing to work with our creative process.  At one point, Lou and Trish laughed when Pak showed a photo to Erica after we posed them in the grass and she exclaimed, “That’s hot!”  Thank you both for trusting us enough to put you in the grass!

Tricia and Lou.  Congratulations, again, from us.  Have a great life together chock full of laughter and joy.  The sky’s the limit.  On a side note, we do apologize for butchering Pompie’s name over and over again. ; )


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