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It’s always a blast to shoot weddings from different cultures.  The customs, languages, interactions, and party styles are awesome to witness and be a part of.  Yoli and Becker’s wedding was no different.  The family is incredibly tight-knit, and the two sides interacted so seamlessly that we were often wondering whether a given person was from the bride’s side or the groom’s.  That’s a strong sign that the marriage will be a long and happy one, and Yoli and Becker’s relationship doesn’t leave a shadow of a doubt.  Yoli and Becker, you’re both amazing and we wish you the very best in your life together.  Thank you so much for braving the bitter cold and working with the unexpected snowfall!  Uno, dos, tres and ¡felicitaciones!

Now to the images from their great, great day…

The transformation!

Yoli’s dress had incredibly intricate detailing on the back that was painstakingly done by her bridesmaids.

We love, love, love when couples opt to do a first-look before the ceremony.  The raw emotions and resulting images are just awesome.

The original plan called for this shot to be done closer to the castle.  The snow played an evil trick on us and came down in droves the night before.  Everyone was more than happy to play along.  Yoli was freezing but didn’t complain.  (Not nearly as much as the bridesmaids and groomsmen did…ahem.)

Married!  Becker will say that Yoli couldn’t wait to kiss him and came in for a huge kiss as soon as the officiant announced them man and wife!  I have a feeling Becker was excited, too!

Pak counts, “One, two, three” before every picture.  We’re not sure if he realizes he’s doing it.  But he switched to Spanish for one shot, and the image on the right is the reaction he got.

Handsome set of guys.

And a beautiful group of ladies.

Yoli’s big request of the night.  I hope you’re happy with the shot!

Congratulations again, you two!

– Antonis and Pak

Ms. Aguilar (Yoli) - January 9, 2012 - 5:32 PM

Every time I look at my wedding pictures I get excited ad tears of happiness come out of my eyes! I feel like it was yesterday that you guys captured the MOST amazing and beautiful memories of my life! Thank you so much! Gracias! looking forward to more anniversaries to come! And when the time comes our first baby photo shot with you guys!! 🙂 hope for that time Pak learn more Spanish numbers lol….like uno,dos,tres,cuatro! <3