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This wedding came to us through multiple degrees of separation, and we were thrilled and honored to be able to work with Eunice and Henry for the day.  Their wedding took place in Philadelphia and we were more than happy to make the trip for this amazing couple.  It took very little time for Henry, Eunice, and their guests to get comfortable in front of the camera, and their willingness to take direction and be themselves made our jobs incredibly easy.  It’s always great to work with couples we can connect with and who are too in love to care about multiple cameras in their faces.  Eunice and Henry, we hope your marriage has been full of nothing but good times and that you continue to cherish, respect, and love each other as you promised to do in Philadelphia earlier this year.  We have no doubt it’s the case and it’s not often we see a couple as dedicated to each other as you two are.  The support you give each other (and acquire through your families as well) is awe-inspiring.

On to the pictures of their big day!

The ceremony took place at Woodland Presbyterian Church, and Eunice and her Maid of Honor got ready in the adjacent atrium while Henry and his Best Man prepared at Henry’s house next door.

Henry surprised Eunice with this simple, but gorgeous, necklace on the morning of their wedding.

All the musical accompaniment during the ceremony was live.

This moment after the ceremony was emotional and beautiful.  After the ceremony, we always give our couple and their family a moment alone without us in their faces.  And it’s amazing the scenes we capture when our subjects don’t know we’re peeking through a barely-open door waiting to get going again.

At Stellar Year Wedding Photography, we offer on-site studio lighting, which we achieve by bringing various lighting tools.

We’ll end with the cake-cutting.  Pure, unadulterated joy.

Congratulations again, Eunice and Henry!  We hope you’re having a blast together!

-Antonis and Pak

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