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Jersey City Portrait Session: Skye + Orion

As the second “Polar Vortex” of the season descended on the Northeast, we decided it was a great time for a quick session in Jersey City, NJ with Skye and Orion!  Antonis met these two at a wedding back in July and their mutual interest in photography and all things that fly (Orion is an avid bird-watcher, Antonis is a plane-spotter) led to a fast friendship.  We decided to explore Jersey City (to where Antonis recently moved) and add a new location to our repertoire!  It was cold, so we worked quickly, but got some absolutely incredible images.  The waterfront at the east end of Grand Street provides a great view on the Freedom Tower.


We’d gotten the day started during brunch with this gorgeous shot of Skye before we headed to the river where she was all smiles under a dramatic…sky.


A little further north, and the Empire State Building decides to make an appearance in the background!


In the middle of the pier adjacent to the Hyatt Regency is this little patch of fescue.  What a great contrast to the urban sprawl – you’d almost think we were in a field in the midwest!


Look at the way these two look at each other!


We’ve got some big plans with these two, including a vintage, dance-themed session once the weather warms up.  Both Skye and Orion are amazing dancers and we’re looking forward to showcasing those skills in something a bit unique!

Thanks, Skye and Orion, for playing along and giving us a great day!  We’ve hope you’ve managed to warm up your fingers and toes.  Maybe some more hot chocolate is in order?

– Antonis and Pak

Pati K Trofimenkof - January 23, 2014 - 2:12 AM

I really like the pictures very much! So natural and true!!

Dev Mandava - January 25, 2014 - 2:46 AM

Where is the LIKE button?