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We’ve been interested in testing out a lighting concept for some time now so we asked a few couples we know to be our test subjects. Rob and Angelica happily volunteered, which paved the way for another magical photo session.  Before friends and family start sending congratulatory texts and e-mails, this wasn’t an engagement shoot, just a fun outing!!

Since Rob lives near Hoboken, we started the session at the 14th Street Pier, which is one of our favorite sunrise locations.  We have used this spot for an engagement session before (Brian and Elizabeth) so we knew the site very well.  The early-morning scene allowed for some powerful silhouettes and gorgeous lighting.


After doing a crosswalk photo, we stumbled upon this lovely archway while seeking the local Starbucks.

After sunrise, we headed to Central Park for the lighting tests and for more magical photography.

The entire outing’s objective was actually the following photos.  We tested a simple, but effective, concept combining of backlighting with a reflector to create photos with a light and airy feel.  We feel the results speak for themselves, but let us know how you feel in the comments!

After walking the wrong direction a few times (thanks to Pak), we made it to the Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace, where we concluded our shoot.  You’d never guess from these images, but the park was packed when we took these images! 

This following photo is our personal favorite from the shoot.   This one will get printed for sure.

Rob and Angelica, thanks again for working with us to test our lighting concepts.  You are lovely couple and so easy to work with.  We really made fine art on that early Sunday morning!

Your [experimental and ambitious] photographers,

– Pak and Antonis (+ Erica!)