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Stephanie + Jose: Bear Mountain Engagement

We first met Stephanie and Jose at Kristin and Vinny’s wedding back in 2013. These two met while working together at Abercrombie & Fitch. Stephanie was Jose’s boss and her brother told us, “She’s still the boss.” Stephanie went on to become a teacher, where she met Kristin, and Jose works for Christian Louboutin (all the ladies reading this blog are now jealous of Stephanie’s connections).

We are so happy Stephanie and Jose chose Bear Mountain State Park for their engagement, and even happier that they were flexible on scheduling! Originally, we had planned to be there just before sunrise. However, the research we did seemed to indicate that the park wasn’t sure to be open (the website said “daylight hours” but online forums said it was rarely open to vehicles before 8:30). We decided to push back to 8:30 and it’s a great thing we did – we were there as the ranger opened the road and would have had to sit and wait for two hours if we’d shown up when originally planned! Now we know better for our next Bear Mountain engagement session!

We’re doing too much writing and not showing enough images! Let’s get to this spectacular session! We started near Perkins Memorial Tower at the top of Bear Mountain State Park. Look how effortlessly these two fall into each other. We had to give so little direction and the resulting images are incredibly natural!


As the morning went on, the low cloud layer started to burn off and revealed amazing views down onto the Hudson River.


As the sun climbed higher, the light got even better – just look at this spot!



Then it was time to add Mason to the mix! Look at this handsome dude!


Time for an outfit change! Stephanie and Jose absolutely rocked the formal part of this shoot and we found a very remote area down near the river.


Close-up of Stephanie’s beautiful, classy ring!


Look at these two – worthy of a magazine spread!


Mason made another appearance, bow-tie and all!


Our last shots were these two – check out the red bottoms on Stephanie’s shoes! There was no way she was dressing up and not strutting her stuff in Louboutins (even if it did mean Jose had to carry her over the tracks)!


(We do feel we need to add a disclaimer about these shots, since they were taken on an active railroad. The two of us have had extensive safety training for access to railroads and Antonis is very familiar with this particular line. It’s a single-track diesel line with only a few, slow trains and no high-voltage power. We were in a spot with great visibility (>1 mile in each direction) and there were others around. We spent a grand total of about 45 seconds on the tracks. It is very, very important to respect active railways. We would never even think to shoot anywhere near (let-alone on) a passenger railway, a railway with multiple tracks, a railway that is powered by a third rail, or one we we are not familiar with.)

Stephanie and Jose, congratulations again on your engagement! It was a blast to spend this beautiful fall morning with you guys (and Mason). We can’t wait to celebrate your wedding next September!

– Stellar Year Photography

Nanette Brawer - October 12, 2015 - 11:12 PM

OMG!!! SOOOOO Beautiful! Steph and Jose you brought tears to my eyes and filled up my heart with all of this beauty! Truly stunning pictures of two wonderful people in one of the most beautiful parks on the east coast! Congratulations!

Patricia Barone - October 12, 2015 - 11:24 PM

Beautiful, beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. XO

Kinshasa Nicholas - October 12, 2015 - 11:26 PM

Omgggg so gorgeous !!! Congrats again !!!

Michael Mazzucca - October 13, 2015 - 1:12 AM

Very nice. You both look awesome. Xoxox

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