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Some of you may remember Kristin and Vinny’s wedding from earlier this year.  Kristin’s maid of honor, Michelle, got engaged earlier this year and she and her fiancé booked us based on how much fun we all had working together.  Michelle and Rob opted to do an engagement shoot and we headed out to Ramapo Reservation (a new location for us) this past weekend to spend a few hours getting to know these two.  The reservation is just stunning and, though it was packed with people, we were able to find some secluded locations and get absolutely stunning images.

We started the day on a lake within the reservation.  Meet Michelle and Rob!

For the photo geeks (like us), the right-hand image below is actually a panorama.  It’s done using the Brenizer Method, developed by NY photographer Ryan Brenizer, to create a super-wide aperture effect.  This was a 36-shot panorama using a 100mm f/2.8 lens, and yields the equivalent of a 35mm f/0.99 lens!

Check out Michelle’s rock!

Michelle sure knows how to work a camera.

Rob’s no slouch, either!

Time for an outfit change.  Check out these two rocking their formal outfits and posing like experts!

A little HDR fun, Antonis can never resist.

We have some unusual ideas when we walk around a location.  It’s so cool when a couple is totally willing to go along with our fancies.  We didn’t even need to ask Michelle to climb up here – we mentioned it, she offered!

Michelle and Rob made a frame with their wedding date and bought two cute bride-and-groom ornaments during their recent Florida vacation.  What an awesome way to announce your engagement!

Michelle and Rob, it was a blast shooting with you guys!  We’ll see you again next year.  Just in case you guys have forgotten what date we agreed on…

Thanks for reading, everyone.  Leave some congratulations for the couple (or comments for us)!

– Antonis and Pak


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