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When Brian and his fiancée Elizabeth asked us about doing a morning engagement session in Hoboken, our creative juices started flowing about all the fantastic photographic possibilities.  Hoboken is, typically, a place where photographers go for the late-afternoon sun, which illuminates the Manhattan skyline In gorgeous golden light.  Morning sun makes Manhattan backlit and doesn’t give it the same visual impact.  Using NYC as a backdrop for photos of the couple in the morning was a challenge we can confidently say we handled (and then some).

How to solve the issue?  Simply, ask the couple to meet us at 6:30AM.  We are very happy they obliged (and didn’t think we were out of our minds to ask for a crack-of-dawn meeting time).  Some real magic was made with the stunning morning sun and our softbox lighting.  It also helps that the couple is beautiful and completely into each other!

Let’s get to the images.  Look at those colors!

Typically, we try to plan to the point that our clients are often shocked at how prepared we are.  A week earlier, we went out for a scouting trip at roughly the same time to see which piers would be accessible.  The 14th Street pier seemed to be one of the few open ones early in the morning so we planned to start there.  Thanks to Murphy’s Law, the pier was gated when we got there with Elizabeth and Brian!  We made due with the geometric patterns of the park’s gate and got some great results.

The friendly gate keeper ran out to unlock the pier for us, and what a great thing he did!

Here’s Brian taking the reins as lighting assistant.  Clearly he thought he could do better.

After the 14th Street pier work, we went to area by Pier A where there were lots of different photo ops.  Elizabeth and Brian brought out their second outfits.

In this next photo, we needed the couple to burst out laughing so Pak told the couple that we were prepared to tell some “salty jokes” if we had to.  Thankfully, the salty jokes were not required!

Look at the emotion between these two!

Here is a photo right out of the J Crew catalog!

We ended the day at Pier C.  We were able to get the shots in amidst all the joggers and dog walkers that passed by!

Brian and Elizabeth, we wish you nothing but the best in your upcoming wedding in Iowa next October.  You are such a close and loving couple, and the photos show that.  Thanks for a great engagement session and thanks for joining us before sunrise for some truly magical photography.


Your early-bird photographers.


Elizabeth Miller - October 21, 2012 - 10:07 AM

The photos look great!! I am so happy we did a sunrise session! Thank you Pak and Erica for your hard work!

Kathy - October 21, 2012 - 10:21 AM

To Elizabeth and Brian: Your photographer has taken very loving and fun photos to document this special time of your engagement. Dad and I love seeing the two of you in sweet poses from Hoboken with NYC as the backdrop. Excellent and exciting all at once! Love you both and love your photos!

Janis Johnson - October 21, 2012 - 12:45 PM

Elizabeth & Brian, My favorite photo is of the two of you on the pier looking out. Very classy. Looking forward to having Brian become a part of our family. Love from Aunt Janis

Charlene - October 24, 2012 - 11:28 PM

These are great photos! I’ll need to use you guys for my wedding!

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