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What an odd day we had for Jeanne and Alex. It was October 29, and yet mother nature had dumped almost a foot of snow on the ground! Jeanne and Alex had chosen the date in the hopes of having colorful fall foliage, and we had an eclectic mix of snow, ice, and great leaves.

We started the day at the Bow Bridge bright and early. Antonis almost didn’t make it thanks to some ice on the highway that almost sent his car into the woods. Disaster averted for the first time, we met with Jeanne and Alex at the base of the bridge. There was a coating of ice that sent several passerby down to their rear ends despite our warnings. Even dogs, despite their four-legged advantage, couldn’t stand up!

Without further ado, on to the pictures. Ladies and gents, meet Jeanne and Alex!

The Bow Bridge looked gorgeous in the low morning light.  The foliage added a fantastic background.

The mix of backgrounds, snow and leaves, provided great color and lighting opportunities.  As in all our engagement shoots, these images were shot with the aid of a small flash umbrella to make sure we got balanced, flattering light.  While shooting the image on the right, Pak lost his footing despite having seen 15 people fall before him.  He landed in perfect push-up position and barely prevented his camera from hitting the ground.  Disaster averted for the second time!

The architectural detailing on the bridge parapet is phenomenal.  We used a couple of vantage points to highlight this.

The next stop was Bethesda fountain and the arches nearby.  The light was coming from the southwest, which highlighted the stone masonry and allowed perfectly lit portraits at the edge of the water.

The arches provided great context for a variety of shots both outside the tunnel and within its confines.

Under the arches, staying away from the cold, was a great singer.  He was doing classics from every decade and threw in both Halloween and Christmas songs in celebration of the freak snowstorm.  He was more than willing to play along with our photography.  Jeanne and Alex got some dancing done in anticipation of their wedding day!

The detail on the ceiling and walls of the arch tunnel is brilliant and colorful.

Antonis then climbed the stairs up to the balcony that overlooks the fountain.  At the very top, he turned and slipped on a protective metal grating.  He went down onto his rear and the camera he was carrying (which happened to be Pak’s) slammed into the stone parapet.  Thankfully, everything was in working order.  Disaster averted for the third time!  This shot, taken from the balcony, is a meant to simulate a “tilt-shift” image (usually done with specialized lenses).  We love the miniature effect it yields!

Meanwhile, Pak was down below capturing secondary images.  It was just too cold to ask Jeanne and Alex to stay jacket-free, so we let them bundle up for the last few images.

Our last stop was the mall with its gorgeous treetop canopy.  The color photo on the left shows some of the tree damage caused by the massive snowfall and freezing the night before.  The black and white image on the right accentuates the varied lighting we had to contend with and showcases the canopy’s brightness.

While Pak was shooting the images above, Antonis was next to Jeanne and Alex holding the umbrella.  Between shots, he captured this close-up image of the couple.

This is a shot of Antonis capturing an image Jeanne and Alex requested.  It stems from an inside joke amongst their friends that Alex is Jeanne’s bodyguard.  The paparazzi won’t be able to touch them!

Here’s the shot Antonis ended up with.

The image on the left shows the personality Jeanne and Alex share that makes them so good together.  They’re so happy, so in love, and comfortable enough in front of the camera to really be themselves.  The image on the right demonstrates our lighting technique.  Alex thought he could do a better job lighting himself, so we let him have his chance.

That covers our amazing (and cold) day with Jeanne and Alex.  The images can’t do their love and happiness justice.  Their inside jokes, common interests, and positive outlook are just some of the things that make them an awesome couple.  To see more of their shoot, check out this slideshow.

Jeanne and Alex, we cannot wait to spend your big day with you in June.  Congratulations again on your engagement, and we’re looking forward to your wedding day on Long Island!!

– Antonis and Pak

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