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Neither of them had been looking for a relationship. Alia (an old friend of Antonis’ from High School) was working at a local diner in July 2009.  Scott ate lunch often at the same diner with his colleagues.  Eventually, he started asking Alia’s colleagues about her and finally mustered up the courage to leave his cell phone number on the bottom of the check.  Alia decided to call him out on the lack of nerve his method showed.  They started talking regularly, but it was just small stuff.  Then, while at a Bachelor party in Florida, Scott took leave of his friends and called Alia to have a 20-minute conversation about how her day was going.  This small gesture convinced her that he was the real deal, and they got engaged on April 1 of this year.

Alia asked us to do her engagement shoot and, as she works near Central Park and they’d gone there on one of their first dates, she and Scott chose that as their location.  We started at Harlem Meer and walked around the lake.

These aviators were a theme during the day.  It took a lot of coaxing from Alia for Scott to take them off at first…

Re-enacting the proposal with a Ring-Pop we’d brought from home.  We love when clients are willing to play along with our silliness.  It relaxes everyone and yields awesome results!  Thanks for being so cool, you two!

Can you say Hollywood moment?!?!

What absolutely beautiful people you guys are.

Do you see what we mean by infectious?  Their smiles make you want to smile!

After an outfit change and a stop for lunch at Five Napkin Burger (highly recommended!) we walked to Belvedere Castle, the Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, the Mall, and the Great Lawn before making our way back to Broadway and the car.

A perfect color combination for the city and the park.

Bethesda Fountain with its gorgeous red brick and foliage in full bloom.

Bling!  Simple, understated, but beautiful.

Overall, an absolutely perfect day.  Alia and Scott are a complete joy to work with and are incredibly comfortable in front of the camera.  They make each other laugh with no effort at all, and even my cheeks were sore from having such a good time with them.  Our most successful shoots are the ones that don’t feel forced, and this one was so easy to do we completely lost track of time.  Even the heat that day didn’t bother us.

For more from this session, please check out this slideshow (please note: the show requires Adobe Flash and includes music).

Alia and Scott, you guys are absolutely awesome.  It’s obvious how much you love each other.  Your love is infectious.  We wish you the absolute best together, but have no doubts you’ll make it look easy!

– Antonis and Pak