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We always love working with a couple willing to do whatever it takes to make truly magical and surreal photographs. Alice and Ed are such a couple and in this case, “doing whatever it takes” meant waking up at the crack of dawn to have an engagement session on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Besides the glorious light at that time and the stunning sunrise (which unfolded behind the adjacent Manhattan Bridge), we also practically had the Brooklyn Bridge all to ourselves. Alice and Ed were truly dedicated – sunrise on this day was at 5:58AM. Are we crazy? Absolutely. Are the results jaw dropping and worth it? You bet they are!

After exploiting every vantage point on the bridge we ventured to the nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is currently the home to Jane’s Carousel. In all our years as New Yorkers, this was the first time we’d ever seen this oddity (which, apparently, barely survived the wrath of Hurricane Sandy). Jane’s Carousel made for a very stunning backdrop.

We found this gorgeous red brick archway and it allowed for some spicy poses and intimate images. As Pak loves to say, “That’s hot!”

Alice and Ed, thank you very much for waking up at crazy hours to have this photo session with us. We are sure in a few weeks, you probably won’t even remember the hard work we all did this fine morning. However, we are sure you will treasure these photographs for life.

Your sleepless photographers,

– Stellar Year Photography