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We recently had the pleasure and honor to do a newborn session for a wonderful family that just had their second beautiful child. Dante was 13 days old when we had our photo session which is right at the border of when the newborn stage (at least photographically speaking) is over.  The first few weeks are ideal because the baby is very small, flexible, and falls asleep fairly easily.

Dante performed wonderfully during the session and everything went very well.  The little guy even cracked some smiles for us.

Photo1 Photo2 Photo3

Dante’s brother Theo also was very loving and caring towards his little brother.

Photo4 Photo5

Finally, we wrapped it up by getting the parents into the photos. We also got them to do one of our favorite newborn poses where the baby is photographed being held by the parents’ hands.

Photo6 Photo7 Photo8

We want to extend a hearty congratulations to Dante’s family and also want to thank you for having us do this special photo session. It was a truly an honor to be able to do your son’s first professional photo shoot.

Your newborn photographers,

Pak and Antonis

LAUREN + MIKE: SHE SAID YES! (Columbus Circle Proposal)

Every now and then, the weather tries to put a damper on plans.  Nothing could stop Mike proposing to Lauren this past Saturday, though, and we gladly embraced the conditions (it always makes our job adventurous to brave the elements).  The planning Mike put into this was nothing short of extraordinary.  Every detail, from the exact time to exactly where he’d have Lauren stand, was meticulously planned and coordinated with us.  He wanted to make sure this was a memorable day for both he and his bride-to-be and he totally nailed it!  We love shooting these kinds of moments and this Columbus Circle proposal was one of our favorites!

Mike and Lauren started their day at the Eugene O’Neill Theater to see the matinée showing of Book of Mormon (which they loved).


In the meantime, we warmed up and went over our game plan in a Starbucks near Columbus Circle.  Mike texted as soon as he and Lauren left the theater, and we moved outside and manned our posts (planned to within a few feet, of course).  Mike and Lauren walked through the circle and up to the statue of Columbus.  Mike knew he had to get Lauren up to the top of the steps and had a reason prepared to wanting to look at the copper relief.  We saw Lauren hesitate through our viewfinders (the steps were snowy, she was in heels – we’d have hesitated, too!) but Mike gave her his hand and helped her to the top.  Then it was time for the big moment!  We’ll let the photos speak for themselves – look at the surprise and incredible joy on Lauren’s face!
bacsik_blog_13 bacsik_blog_02 bacsik_blog_03 bacsik_blog_04 bacsik_blog_05

Once they’d had a moment to themselves, Mike revealed our presence to Lauren.  She later said, “We were walking up and I thought you guys were taking pictures of the family having a snowball fight!”  Looks like our disguises (as tourists, apparently) worked perfectly! bacsik_blog_06

After the big moment, Mike took Lauren to a beautiful, romantic French restaurant called Picholine. bacsik_blog_07

Finally, the night ended with a get-together of family and friends at the Stone Rose Lounge.
bacsik_blog_08 bacsik_blog_09

We hung around for a little bit and took some cityscapes of the area – Columbus Circle really is gorgeous at night!
bacsik_blog_10 bacsik_blog_11 bacsik_blog_12

For more, and a nice fusion of photos and video from the big moment, check out the proposal slideshow we put together for the happy couple!

Lauren and Mike, congratulations again.  It was an absolute honor to be on the sidelines for your big moment and we’re so happy you asked us to document it.  We look forward to the rest of your story together and all the incredible moments you’ll have in the future!

- Antonis and Pak

Jersey City Portrait Session: Skye + Orion

As the second “Polar Vortex” of the season descended on the Northeast, we decided it was a great time for a quick session in Jersey City, NJ with Skye and Orion!  Antonis met these two at a wedding back in July and their mutual interest in photography and all things that fly (Orion is an avid bird-watcher, Antonis is a plane-spotter) led to a fast friendship.  We decided to explore Jersey City (to where Antonis recently moved) and add a new location to our repertoire!  It was cold, so we worked quickly, but got some absolutely incredible images.  The waterfront at the east end of Grand Street provides a great view on the Freedom Tower.

blog_skye_orion_01 blog_skye_orion_02 blog_skye_orion_03

We’d gotten the day started during brunch with this gorgeous shot of Skye before we headed to the river where she was all smiles under a dramatic…sky. blog_skye_orion_04

A little further north, and the Empire State Building decides to make an appearance in the background!

blog_skye_orion_05 blog_skye_orion_06

In the middle of the pier adjacent to the Hyatt Regency is this little patch of fescue.  What a great contrast to the urban sprawl – you’d almost think we were in a field in the midwest! blog_skye_orion_07 blog_skye_orion_08 blog_skye_orion_09

Look at the way these two look at each other! blog_skye_orion_10 blog_skye_orion_11 blog_skye_orion_12

We’ve got some big plans with these two, including a vintage, dance-themed session once the weather warms up.  Both Skye and Orion are amazing dancers and we’re looking forward to showcasing those skills in something a bit unique!

Thanks, Skye and Orion, for playing along and giving us a great day!  We’ve hope you’ve managed to warm up your fingers and toes.  Maybe some more hot chocolate is in order?

- Antonis and Pak