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This wedding was always going to be incredible.  Michelle and Rob are absolutely amazing together and their willingness to put all of their trust into our creative process made working with them so incredibly easy from the first day.  Michelle was the Maid of Honor for Kristin and Vinny’s wedding last year and she and Rob booked us just a few weeks afterwards.  We did Michelle and Rob’s engagement shoot last summer and Michelle was totally down for any crazy idea we had (including climbing a tree)!  This couple is a joy to work with and their wedding last weekend at the beautiful Paramount Country Club in New York was nothing short of spectacular.

Let’s get right to the images – we can’t wait to share these!  Keep scrolling to the bottom for a fun photo/video fusion slideshow we put together for the newlyweds!

Antonis went to Paramount for Michelle’s bride prep and got an early look at the amazing location.  Here’s our gorgeous bride, Michelle!


The prep suite was full of little knick-knacks and mementos – we love when brides personalize their day like this! walczak_02 walczak_03

The dress went on and Michelle was nothing short of stunning. walczak_04 walczak_05 walczak_06 walczak_07 walczak_08

Pak was at Rob’s groom prep down the road and got to spend some time with the guys before the ceremony. Here’s our dashing groom, Rob! walczak_09 walczak_10 walczak_11

The ceremony took place at St. Magaret’s Church in Pearl River, NY and was officiated by Monseigneur O’Keefe who gave a beautiful homily. walczak_12 walczak_13

Michelle’s big entrance! walczak_14 walczak_15 walczak_16 walczak_17

Officially married and walking down the aisle as husband and wife! walczak_18

Michelle and Rob had bubbles for their big exit rather than the traditional rice and it was awesome! walczak_19 walczak_20

After the ceremony we zipped back to Paramount for some formal shots before the cocktail hour.  With family shots all done, we got the couple (and their bridal) party to ourselves for a little while.  Pak went for his signature “flying veil” shot (Michelle having the longest veil we’ve ever seen certainly helped)! walczak_21

Here’s the couple with their awesome, fun bridal party!

Paramount Country Club has one of the best photo spots we’ve ever seen.  Doug, the manager, took us out to the 6th green just after sunset and we spent almost 40 minutes with Michelle and Rob. walczak_23 walczak_24

As it got darker, the artificial light had to come out – just look at the results!  This is our favorite image from the whole day. walczak_25 walczak_26 walczak_27

Erica was helping us out for this event and she was in the reception hall taking images before the guests arrived and the party began. walczak_28 walczak_29 walczak_30 walczak_31 walczak_32 walczak_33

Michelle and Rob each had a signature drink at the wedding.  Michelle went for a fruity cocktail while Rob chose a spiked sweet tea. walczak_34


Michelle and Rob got the party started with their first dance.  The reception was MC’ed by A Perfect Blend Entertainment and they did an absolutely incredible job making sure everyone had a blast and playing great music all night! walczak_36

Here is the happy couple with Kristin and Vinny, our bride and groom from April 2013.  We love having our former couples celebrating with our new ones! walczak_37 walczak_38

walczak_39 walczak_40

Time to cut the beautiful cake and throw the bouquet!
walczak_41 walczak_42 walczak_43

Then it was time to party!!
walczak_44 walczak_45 walczak_46 walczak_47

For more, check out this video/photo slideshow we put together telling the story of Michelle and Rob’s wedding.  Their friends and family were all there to celebrate with them and everyone had a great time.

Michelle and Rob – Congratulations again to you  guys!  We wish you nothing but health and happiness together.  Thank you both so much for making our job so easy.  We had a great time and are so incredibly honored to have been able to document your big day!  We hope you had an amazing time in St. Lucia!  Here’s one final, awesome image showing how happy you two were last weekend- we are certain this incredible love and joy will continue for the rest of your lives. walczak_48

- Antonis and Pak

We recently had the pleasure of photographing newborn Cameron with his proud first-time parents, Megan and Matt. Cameron was 7 days old when we photographed him at his home with our on-location studio setup. Cameron must be the calmest baby we’ve photographed to date – he barely made a fuss at all the entire session.

Cameron_blog01 Cameron_blog02 Cameron_blog03 Cameron_blog04

We got out the macro lens and got in real close for the next three photos.

Cameron_blog05 Cameron_blog06 Cameron_blog07

We wrapped Cameron in a baby blue cheesecloth next for photos in the basket.  Look how happy and comfortable he looks!

Cameron_blog08 Cameron_blog09

At the end of the session, we took some photos of Matt and Megan interacting with their beautiful newborn.  The connection between parent and child is always amazing in these shots and they’re always our favorites from our newborn sessions.

Cameron_blog10 Cameron_blog11 Cameron_blog12 Cameron_blog13

Megan and Matt, you both really hit a home run with this baby! He is adorable and so well-mannered. Even when he was awake during parts of the session, he remained very calm and under control. Congratulations again and thanks for asking us to photograph this beautiful baby for you.

Your newborn photographers,

- Stellar Year Photography

One of the privileges of what we do is being part of a couple’s love story from beginning to end.  This past winter, we were there to document Michael’s Columbus Circle proposal and now, with planning for their big day in full swing, we organized an engagement shoot in Manhattan.  Lauren and Michael were very excited for this session and it took no convincing at all to get them to agree to meet at the crack of dawn on what turned out to be the earliest sunrise of the year!  We started, therefore, at 5:15AM on a Sunday morning in June at the East River Park underneath the Williamsburg Bridge.
bac_blog_01 bac_blog_02

The sunrise silhouette is one of our favorite shots, and the East River Park has a perfect backdrop! bac_blog_03 bac_blog_04 bac_blog_05 bac_blog_06 bac_blog_07 bac_blog_08 Just south of the Williamsburg Bridge is this amphitheater with a gorgeous cable-stayed arch reaching over the audience.

bac_blog_09 bac_blog_10 After a quick coffee break, it was off to the High Line on the West side of Manhattan.  The park was empty at this time of the morning and it provides an awesome variety of views, backdrops, and unique photo opportunities. bac_blog_11 bac_blog_12 bac_blog_13 bac_blog_14 bac_blog_15 bac_blog_16 bac_blog_17 bac_blog_18

Pak ran down to street level to grab this image showing the High Line’s integration into Manhattan’s landscape.  We call this the “fishbowl” shot and it’s one of our favorite spots, even if it means Pak had to play a bit of Frogger to avoid traffic. bac_blog_19 bac_blog_20 bac_blog_21 bac_blog_22 bac_blog_23 bac_blog_24

With our creative juices flowing, it was easy to use everything the High Line had to offer and we ended our morning around 10:00AM.  High Line engagement sessions are always incredibly rewarding and we love when clients opt for this location.  For more, check out this video slideshow of the day we spent with the happy couple!


Michael and Lauren, congratulations again on you engagement!  Thank you for letting us be so creative and for getting up so early!  We had such an awesome time with the two of you and can’t wait to finish telling your love story next August!


Your early-bird photographers,

- Antonis and Pak