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Allison and Mark met through a mutual friend on a ski weekend just over three years ago – but their official dating anniversary falls in the middle of spring, which Mark thought was the perfect opportunity to ask her the big question!  He planned his proposal for just a few days before their third anniversary to try and catch Allison by surprise.  Mark’s planning was meticulous – he came to us with the day, time, and location – and we scouted Central Park for him to confirm that everything would work just as he hoped.  We arrived in advance to make sure we were in position and to try and claim some ground for ourselves amidst all the tourists, vendors, and park staff!

Mark had chosen the south end of the Central Park Mall.  This is a gorgeous location, especially in spring with flowers blooming and the park bustling!

kaw_prop_01 kaw_prop_02

Mark led Allison through the park under the guise of meeting their friends for a picnic on the lawn.  As he passed our location, we saw him start beaming with joy.  He stopped exactly where we’d asked him to and as soon as he stopped and started speaking to her Allison began to realize what was happening.  Her reaction was spectacular! kaw_prop_03 kaw_prop_04

As Mark knelt down and asked Allison for her hand, tourists in the area stopped to watch, take pictures, and applaud.  The newly engaged couple was met from cheers from all over! kaw_prop_05 kaw_prop_08

Look at the love between these two!  The moment could not have been more perfect! kaw_prop_07 kaw_prop_06

After Allison said, “Yes” and the ring was on her finger, Mark pointed out where we had been hiding.

We gave Mark and Allison a few minutes alone, and then they called Allison’s mom to tell her the good news.  She’d known it was coming and had even pushed Allison to get a manicure, which Allison claims had been a bit of a hint as to what Mark had planned.  Look at the joy on their faces. kaw_prop_10 kaw_prop_11

We put together a slideshow of the big moment, fusing our images with a few short video clips.  Check it out below, and listen for all the tourists cheering!

Allison and Mark: we could not be happier for you and we’re honored to have been the ones to document this amazing moment in your lives!  Congratulations!!! kaw_prop_12


Our first engagement session of 2015 brings you Elizabeth and Kevin!  They came to us through Elizabeth’s brother, Michael, whose engagement session we did last year.  Elizabeth and Kevin met online in 2014 and bonded over their love of How I Met Your Mother and skiing (they went away to Blue Mountain together in their first month of dating) .

When we sat down with Elizabeth and Kevin to discuss their wedding for the first time, they mentioned that their ideal engagement shoot would be on a snowy day. Jokingly (we think), Elizabeth asked if we could be “on-call” so that any day it snowed, she could call us to head out and have our session. We ended up scheduling for this past Sunday and, lo and behold, mother nature gave us exactly what we wanted! {Snow seems to be a theme with this family – remember her brother’s proposal?)  We met the happy couple near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park and started the day under cover with this awesome set.
liz_kev_eng_01 liz_kev_eng_02 liz_kev_eng_03 liz_kev_eng_04 liz_kev_eng_05

We knew we had to take advantage of the falling snow, so we all ventured outside in the cold (and did our best not to fall).  This yellow umbrella, in homage to How I Met Your Mother, was a great prop for the conditions and for adding a splash of color to the day!

liz_kev_eng_07 liz_kev_eng_08 liz_kev_eng_09

After the fountain, we went up to the mall.  The snow had scared away all but the bravest tourists, which gave us the opportunity for incredible images like this – how often do you get an empty background during a Central Park engagement?! liz_kev_eng_10 liz_kev_eng_11

Our last spot was the Bow Bridge, consistently a favorite of ours.  In these conditions, it looked even more beautiful than ever. liz_kev_eng_12 liz_kev_eng_13

Elizabeth and Kevin weren’t the only ones with an umbrella!  We always travel with additional lighting and double the props means double the fun!


Thank you so much, Elizabeth and Kevin, for an awesome day together.  We’re so glad you got the snow you wanted and it was a pleasure to meander the cold, slippery park with you two!  Here’s a fun little slideshow we put together of our favorite shots from the day!

We can’t wait for this wedding – it’s going to be an absolute blast!

- Stellar Year Photography

It’s always an honor and pleasure when we are able to photograph all the major moments for a client. For Jeanne and Alex, we had photographed their engagement, their wedding, and their beautiful daughter Julianna’s baptism. Now that Julianna is approaching 2 (how did the time go by so fast!), they contacted us to do a family portrait session.

Prior to the session, we coordinated with Jeanne and Alex to isolate a good spot in their house to have the photo session. We discussed whether the spot worked best with or without a backdrop and they opted not to use one. We happily setup an on-location studio at their home since we get to bust out some serious lighting gear which we don’t always get to use at weddings. For this particular shoot, we used a large reflector, a pair of strobes for the background, and another pair of strobes with umbrellas for the family. julianna_photo1 julianna_photo2

We have photographed many children over the years and they are all very different in how they respond to the photographer. It is extremely important to establish a connection and to have the child feel comfortable. Before any part of the studio was even set up, Pak spent some time goofing around with Julianna and getting her to laugh at his silly impersonations. Once this connection was established, we found that Julianna was extremely easy to photograph and to keep smiling and laughing throughout the entire session. julianna_photo3 julianna_photo4 Jeanne and Alex, thanks again for asking us to make wonderful photographs for you. You both really hit a home run when you had Julianna. She is so well-behaved and so easy to photograph! This was an extremely fun session and we suspect you both enjoyed the show Pak put on to make Julianna laugh (the robot moves are not just for kids!). We look forward to the next photo session (Pak is preparing new impersonations as we speak).

Your life long photographers,

- Stellar Year Photography