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Behind the Scenes: Delivering Digital Files to Clients

Yay for shiny new toys!  As technology advances, we have to follow suit to make sure our clients get the best products available.  To that end, we’ve changed the way we deliver digital files to customers.  In the past we used custom-made, branded DVDs.  While these served us well for many years, we decided that it was the right time to switch over to custom USB flash drives.


There are many benefits to making this switch. First and foremost, our customers will be able to get their product in a very sleek and beautiful package. The DVDs we used before were limited in capacity and transfer speed – we’d often need 4-6 DVDs for a single wedding – so the new USB drives will cut down on our overhead costs and allow clients easier, more organized access to their files. DVD’s are also slowly becoming obsolete (Apple machines, for example, no longer ship with a disc drive). From a professional standpoint, this is a major upgrade to our company branding as well.  Clients may use these USB drives for their personal files once they’ve transferred their wedding images to their computers and can, hopefully, proudly display our name and logo to friends and family.

Our USB flash drives are made by Flashbay. They delivered an exceptional product with which we are extremely satisfied. We worked with their salesman, Marcus, on our order and the customer service was excellent. After filling out an online form to express interest, we got a phone call from Marcus on the same day to discuss design options and our requirements.  He emailed us digital mock-ups of what our drives could look like and we were pleasantly surprised to find a package of samples showcasing several USB drive styles at our doorstep the very next day. Those samples made it much easier to figure out exactly which drive style would work the best for us and the whole experience was streamlined and convenient. We received our shiny new flash drives very quickly.

We know our clients will enjoy the sleek new way that they will be receiving digital files from us (at least until the next technological advancement).

– Stellar Year Photography